Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day From Sara

Let’s face it. As far as generations go, the Baby Boomers became the meat and potatoes of a growing American culture. Collectively, they became Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” and were praised for being “articulate, so well educated, [and] so worldly.”[1] The Boomers are also credited with producing the tech-savvy, fast-paced multi-taskers of the new millennium. True, we Gen. X and Gen. Y-ers may have a difficult time comprehending how to strategically load the dishwasher, which day the garbage needs to go out, or the water temperature to which the washing machine should be set. (Note: My college education has taught me that nothing can go wrong when washing everything on cold.) However, we can simultaneously check our email, look up the latest celebrity gossip, and text message our friends in the midst of fixing our parents’ computer problems during Grey’s Anatomy while filling out college applications. Really. And while there seems to be a huge gap between parent/child generations, there are some pretty fantastic mother/daughter duos that demonstrate how small this generational gap really is. Here are a few examples of daughters that show how much we appreciate all that our superior generations do!

  • Alex Evanovich (daughter of New York Time’s Best Selling Author Janet Evanovich) is the mastermind behind her mother’s high-traffic website. She also helps out with scheduling, tours, agendas, Q&As, and keeping her mother’s sanity.[2]
  • Alexis Stewart (daughter of Her Greatness Martha Stewart) virtually saved her mother’s fame and reputation after she was convicted in the Stock Trading Case. Her TV show “Whatever, Martha” introduces her mother to a younger generation by making fun of Martha’s old television episodes.[3]
  • Malia Obama (daughter of First Lady Michelle Obama) was thrown into the spotlight as first-daughter of the United States. But when the microphone failed to work at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, it was Malia who came to her parents’ rescue.[4]

As a representative of all daughters who have super, fantastic moms, I speak for all when we say, we think you are awesome! And although you still cannot grasp the concept of text messaging, we will always be here to keep you up to date on the latest trends and technology. To all moms, aunts, grandmas, and mentors everywhere: YOU GO GIRLS; we appreciate all that you do.



[3] (Alexis is a bit older than a Gen Xer, but whatever, it’s for argument’s sake)


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Sara, Sara, Sara! You mother must be crying her eyes out from how proud she is of you. This was beautiful. And thank you for your kind words. You are one super young lady.


Nicole said...

OMG...Sara, You are such an angel! I have told your mom a few times that I think it is so awesome that you 2 are really close. I love being super close to all of my children as well. This really touched my heart! Thank You for your sweet comments... Your mom must be so stinkin PROUD! I look forward to working with you both. Take Care sweetie HUGS! Nicole :)

Rebecca said...

What would we be without our moms? And, yep, we come in handy for helping them with their technical problems! I hope you guys had a great day!

Catherine said...

What a cute story about you and your mom. I loved it.