Monday, October 27, 2008

A Letter from the Editor

My mom has quickly come to realize that there is an exponential relationship between her card making endeavors and the vital need for technological skills. Since she handles the creative stuff, I have been recruited (bribed) to handle any and all computer-related situations. Not only have I learned how to make a blog banner, create a signature, and produce a watermark, but I have embedded an entire new lingo into my internal dictionary (CB, LO, embellies, nesties, and oh the list goes on…). Whenever she can grab me to figure out some technical problem on the computer, she usually encourages me to "jazz up" her blog entries, too. Since I feel as though I play a crucial role in my mom's card making experience, I have decided to declare myself as Editor-in-Chief of Crooked Card Creations. Long story short, you will be seeing quite a bit of me on this blog as this mother/daughter duo try to tackle the extensive world of card making and blogging.


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Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

Cath: You must be very proud of your absolutely gorgeous daughter. What a great relationship you seem to have with her. I hope she knows how lucky she is to have a mom like you!!

P.S. I would love for her to tell me how to get a watermark signature as I'd love to put one on my works.

Stef H
(SCS: Glitterbabe)